More than football


Wespire sees itself as more than an agency. We have a 360° focus on the player and work within the areas; career, development and culture. We see the football player as a human being, where development and culture pushes the career and the person behind.
What are the player’s goals and how can we achieve them together? Wespire follows the player through all phases of his career and sets up an action plan with goals and sub-goals.
Wespire advises the player in sporting, financial, legal and personal interests. This causes mutual trust and a trustworthy relationship.
Any transfer, major or minor, is important to us. We have a strong network and strategic partnerships.
If the player is at a stage where endorsement deals can be considered, we make sure to search the market and find the right deal for the player.
The player himself is a brand, and therefore the signals he sends to the outside world are important. Wespire advises the player in branding and in the use of social media.
Individual training is an investment for the player. Wespire offers specific individual training that focuses on development points and strengths.
In terms of our educational background in cognitive behavioral therapy, we have experience and expertise in working mentally with the player. We are in regular contact with the player and evaluate on every match.
Wespire uses data in the evaluation of the player’s performance. We break down the data and make it usable in the player’s development.
Football and education are compatible. Because of our educational background we guide the player in education and the interaction between football and school.



We take responsibility for the player’s development and career, both on and off the pitch. Wespire always goes the extra mile for the player.


Our commitment is 100%. Mental training, individual training, education and ongoing evaluation are essential factors in our work.


Honesty forms the foundation of our work. This is fundamental for a trustful relationship with the player and the family.

We stand out
among the crowd

Our story

Wespire was established with the aim of breaking up with the traditional football agent. Our ambition was to create an agency that work 360° with the player – therefore “More than football”. In other words, we wanted to force the player’s development and be an asset in all angles of football.

The development of football has placed greater demands on the player’s mental strength, which presupposes that stakeholders around the player coaches the player mentally. Therefore, we make use of our background and expertise in this field and focusing on coaching our players on the mental level.

Our mission has always been that our players must dare to “believe”. Because when you dare to “believe”, it presupposes that you change your mindset. Wespire has already changed the mindset of football players and will continue to do so.

Otman El Falaki

Partner og certified football agent

Avni Asani

Partner og certified football agent

Mark Gürtler Hansen

Certified football agent

Wespire is more than an agency. A strong family that strengthens you mentally on and off the pitch.

Anis Ben Slimane

Brøndby IF

Wespire is 100% committed to the player. They help and advise each player so that you reach your goals.

Lucas Ziegler

Brøndby IF

Wespire is about hard work and trust.

Besar Ameti

FC Nordsjælland


Ferhan Hasani

KF Shkëndija

Anis Ben Slimane

Brøndby IF

Sebastian Biller Mikkelsen

Silkeborg IF

Youcef Mokdad

FC Nordsjælland

Lucas Ziegler

Brøndby IF

Besar Ameti

FC Nordsjælland

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Odense Boldklub

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Odense Boldklub

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Randers FC

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