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Otman is a partner in Wespire Management. He has been dedicated to the football game – both as an active football player and as a consultant for young players. Otman has a license certified by the Danish Football Association and several years of experience in the profession.

He is passionated about talent work and giving young players the tools that will help them achieve their ambitions both on and off the pitch.  

Besides being educated a school teacher Otman has an academic background. He has obtained an AP Graduate in Financial Management. Since 2008 he has worked and coached young people in different arenas. He has great experience in working cognitively and mentalizing in personal and mental development, and master the psychology behind.

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Avni is a partner in Wespire Management. He has been playing elite football as a youth player and know what it takes to succeed in here. Avni has a license issued by the Danish Football Association.

He has several years of experience in counseling professional footballers and the life outside the pitch. He has worked with foreign players and their adaptation in new environments, and functioned as a link between player and club.

Avni is a school teacher and has postgraduate courses in cognitive behavioral therapy and leadership. Since 2008 he has worked with young people, and since then been a family consultant and coach. In his work in the various arenas he has focused on mental training and development.