Wespire Management is an ambitious football agency with a dedicated team, an international network and partners around the world. The team in Wespire Management master various languages, including Danish, English, French, German, Macedonian, Albanian and Arabic.

Three essential factors in Wespire Management are entering into a contract, contract extension and club transfer. Here we find the right solution in consultation with the player.

At Globall Management the player and his career are in focus. We put all of our energy in managing the player’s career. The player is our key element and in a close cooperation we create a strategy for the player’s career, which will be assessed and adjusted on an ongoing basis.

We believe that a football player must develop as a player and a human being. Therefore, we place great emphasis on the player’s football and education, which complement each other and are compatible. Wespire Management supports and inspires the the player in all aspects of life. Our agency is build on the values honesty, commitment and responsibility.